Final Time Table AMDO 2016

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DAY 13-July 14-July 15-July
Wednesday Thursday Friday

Late Registration & Doc

AMDO Tutorial & Conference


Late Registration & Doc

AMDO Conference

10.00-11.00 Tutorial 1: Programming GPUs with CUDA

Prof. Manuel Ujaldón (NVIDIA CUDA Fellow)

 Invited Speaker. Prof. Michael Bronstein

Title talk: Geometric Deep Learning

Chair: J. Kittler

 Invited Speaker: Prof. Miquel Chover (University of Jaume I, Spain)

Title talk: Democratizing Game Development

Chair: R. Mas

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 Tutorial 1: Programming GPUs with CUDA

Prof. Manuel Ujaldón (NVIDIA CUDA Fellow)


Human Analysis & Recognition Session

Papers: 31, 26

Chair:  M. Bronstein

Applications Session:

Papers: 11, 28, 3

Chair : M. Ujaldón

12.30-14.00 Tutorial 1: Programming GPUs with CUDA

Prof. Manuel Ujaldón (NVIDIA CUDA Fellow)

Human Analysis & Recognition Session

Papers: 2, 21, 30

Chair: M. Bronstein

 (13:00-13:30)AMDO Awards Session 

AMDO Closure: General Co-Chairs and UIB

14.00-15.00 Late AMDO Registration Open


Lunch (Finger Food at Sa Riera Building, in side garden) Lunch (Finger Food at Sa Riera Building, in side garden)
15.00-15.30 AMDO Start General Co-Chairs, DMI Department Director, UIB Vice-Chancellor Facial  Animation & Deformable Models  and Computer Vision Session

Papers: 29, 13

Chair: F. Di Fiore

15.30-16.30 Invited Speaker: Prof. Josef Kittler

Title talk: 3D morphable face model and its applications

Chair: Dr. F. J. Perales

Facial  Animation & Deformable Models  and Computer Vision Session

Papers: 10, 12

Chair:  F. Di Fiore

16.30-17.30 Tracking, Interaction and Segmentation Session: 9, 22

Chair : Dr. F. J. Perales


18:00 Welcome reception at Town Council (Ajuntament de Palma)

Cathedral Visit  and Cocktail

Free Cultural Visit “Es Baluart” Museum (19:00)


Conference Dinner Rte Pesquero (20:30)


Poster Session: All days in coffee-break area. Papers:  7,8, 16,18.

Authors Table
29 Localized Verlet Integration Framework For Facial Models Ozan Cetinaslan and Veronica Orvalho
13 Robot-aided cloth classification using depth information and CNNs Toni Gabas, Guillem Alenya, Enric Corona and Carme Torras.
31 Head-pose Estimation in-the-wild using a Random Forest Roberto Valle, José Miguel Buenaposada, Antonio Valdés and Luis Baumela.
11 Spatiotemporal Facial Super-Pixels for Pain Detection Dennis H. Lundtoft, Kamal Nasrollahi, Thomas B. Moeslund and Sergio Escalera.
16 Type P63 Digitized Color Images Performs Better Identification than Other Stains for Ovarian Tissue Analysis T. M. Shahriar Sazzad, L.J.Armstrong, A.K.Tripathy  (POSTER)
26 Interactive Acquisition of Apparel for Garment Modelling
Fabian Di Fiore, Steven Maesen and Frank Van Reeth
2 Realistic Crowds via Motion Capture and Cell Marking Seth Brunner, Brian Ricks and Parris Egbert.
21 Leveraging orientation knowledge to enhance human pose estimation methods Samir Azrour, Sébastien Piérard and Marc Van Droogenbroeck.
28 Erythrocytes Morphological Classification Through HMM for Sickle Cell Detection Wilkie Delgado-Font, Manuel Gonzalez-Hidalgo, Silena Herold-Garcia, Antoni Jaume-I-Capó and Arnau Mir.
3 Providing physical appearance and behaviour to virtual characters María Del Puy Carretero, Helen Victoria Diez, Sara García Torres and David Oyarzun.
30 On Combining Edge Detection Methods for Improving BSIF Based Facial Recognition Performances Pierluigi Tuveri, Luca Ghiani, Mohanad Abukmeil and Gian Luca Marcialis.
7 Problem Solving in an Underwater Game Environment using Fear and Anxiety Joshua Lawson and Sudhanshu Semwal.(POSTER)
9 Validation of RGBD devices for balance clinical measurement: the functional reach test with Microsoft Kinect Ines Ayed, Biel Moyà-Alcover, Paz Martínez-Bueso, Adel Ghazel, Javier Varona and Antoni Jaume-I-Capó.
10 Evaluation of K-SVD Method in Facial Expression Recognition Based on Sparse Representation Problems Eloy Rafael Oliveros Domínguez, Grethel Coello, Pedro Marrero-Fernández and Antoni Jaume-I-Capó.
12 3D object recognition based on volumetric representation using Convolutional Neural Networks Xiaofan Xu, David Corrigan, Alireza Dehghani, Sam Caulfield and David Moloney.
18 Characterization of Multiresolution Models for Real-Time Rendering in GPU-limited Environments Francisco Ramos and Joaquin Huerta (Poster)
22 RGB-D Segmentation of Poultry Entrails Mark Philip Philipsen, Anders Jørgensen, Thomas Moeslund and Sergio Escalera.
8 Convolutional Neural Network Super Resolution for Face Recognition in Surveillance Monitoring Pejman Rasti, Tonis Uiboupin, Sergio Escalera and Gholamreza Anbarjafari. (Poster)

Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects