Awards 2016

AMDO 2016 awards

1. AMDO 2016 Best Paper Award – Ozan Cetinaslan for “Localized Verlet Integration Framework for Facial Models

2. AMDO 2016 Best Paper for Commercial Application – Mark Philip Philipsen for “RGB-D Segmentation of Poultry Entrails

3. AMDO 2016 Best Paper for young PhD Student – Dennis H. Lundtoft for “Spatiotemporal Facial Super-Pixels for Pain Detection”


AERFAI/UIB Awards for Participants in AMDO 2016

The AMDO2016 awards are oriented to recognize the best papers presented at conference. The chairman’s of every session make a document with the contributions about every paper presented and a subset of IPC finally decide the winners.

We consider three distinctions:

  1. AMDO2016 Research Best Paper:  The best paper with the highest review qualifications and chairman’s appreciations.
  2. AMDO2016 Best Paper for Commercial Application:  The paper with a real practical contribution to easily translate to commercial use.
  3. AMDO2016 Best Paper for young Ph. D. Student:  The paper with a novel contribution from a young Ph. D. Student.

All winner, receive a diploma, and a gift done by AERFAI sponsor association (one year  AERFAI registration free & free registration in events organized by AERFAI at 2016) and a AMAZON ticket of 100€ for books.

The author of AMDO 2016 Research Best Paper will receive a GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card courtesy of NVIDIA Sponsor.


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